What We Do

Complete Signage Solutions: We are consultant, designer, specifier, project manager, manufacturer and installer.

Full signage design and specification

In addition to normal supply and installation, Major Media has significant experience in the design and specification of signage. This means that, unlike traditional signage procurement channels, engaging Major Media ensures that the client doesn’t have to go through multiple suppliers to reach the desired outcome.

Why Major Media for National signage

We Build Partnerships

The backbone of our business model is long-term partnerships. Many, if not most of our clients are long term partners who consistently come back to us because of the service we offer. This has been mutually beneficial since Major Media’s inception because we have found it creates added value and efficiencies for both parties that are unattainable in short term relationships.

Long-term partnerships ensure that lessons learnt are lessons kept. Partnerships ensure that the evolution of the brand and the product that represents it, moves forward rather than repeatedly going over previous ground. With long term partnerships, we as a supplier can justify spending more time and money on R&D for a client because we know that as long as we continue to serve them as expected, we will continue to be supported.

Partnerships create trust and with trust comes significant efficiencies. Having a vested interest in the long term relationship means that our primary goal is to keep the relationship. As we have no contracts, the only way we can keep the relationship is by continually finding ways to effectively service our client’s needs. We save our clients a great deal of time as they no longer need to micromanage a process that was difficult for them to do as efficiently and effectively as we can.

We Find Solutions

We are a solutions based company. Often, brands are created in a digital space without an understanding of how to translate that into a physical space. Often they get translated into a product that is not cost effective. Sometimes they are translated into a product that is cost effective but not representative of the original, approved digital design. That is where our expertise comes into play. We have our own in house R&D department which keeps itself up-to-date with the latest processes, tools, materials, techniques, technologies and equipment that will allow us to make signage look the way you want it to look, be cost effective and last as long as you need it to last.

We can ensure that wherever your brand is applied in the physical world – from a wall print through to a sky sign, – it will be consistent to your expectations and consistent across all locations.

We Ensure Consistency

Our partnership model means consistency is not only assured, but will come at a cheaper cost. As the partnership grows, we learn your needs so we know what they are well before you ask. With reference to all the previous jobs we’ve done and any lessons learnt or improvements made along the way.

We have our own, purpose built, workflow management software system that is continually developed and updated by our in-house IT team. Among many other things, it allows us to ensure consistency throughout our projects while at the same time creating efficiencies through economies of scale and scope. It is particularly useful when it comes to ensuring consistency of manufacturing methods, product styling, colors, processes and the overall look of the brand be it nationally or abroad.

We take great pride in our Quality Control systems. Whether manufactured in house, through a strategic partner, or parts from a third party supplier, all goods are QC’d in house. We make sure everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be before it continues on its journey, ensuring both quality and consistency.

Never underestimate the importance of point of sale signage. It is the moment when your customers actually make the decision to part with their money and you don’t want them to have a negative impression of your brand or product at that moment.

Good Point Of Sale signage is a self fulfilling prophecy ie, it leads to a “point of sale”. Bad Point Of Sale signage is more like “point of anti sale”. Often there is a fine line between the two. Too many suppliers focus on a product rather than a purpose. Often this is because they have specific product capabilities and experiences. It is also much easier to fulfill a product need than to fulfill a purpose needs but unfortunately it is not an industry where one size fits all.

Obtaining Signage and POS items from the one supplier creates obvious efficiencies and consistencies.

We can brand anything in just about any way. Our R&D department have accumulated a wealth of techniques, tools, materials, processes and technologies over the years and they continue to develop them everyday. They have accumulated a pool of knowledge and skill that is among the best in the country. Over the years we have developed many techniques in house as a result of clients approaching us with needs that could not be met with existing technologies.

Our project management resources, manufacturing resources and installation resources, as well as our internal workflow system all come together to facilitate time critical event signage. We are especially useful when it comes to repeat events. We will work together with the client to develop a solution that serves their needs and for all subsequent events, they can trust us to ensure the solutions are consistent with little to no time or effort from their side.

Our commitment to our partners doesn’t end when the signage is installed. We want signage to maintain its quality for as long as possible which is why we offer maintenance packages. This is part of what makes our partnerships so strong because the proper maintenance of signage works out to be much more cost effective in the long run.

To reinforce our belief in the value of Maintenance, we offer free warranty extension with our maintenance packages when they are initiated alongside the original signage delivery.

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