Automotive Signage

Elevate Your Brand with Expert Automotive Signage Solutions

Major Media has established itself as a leader in automotive signage across Australia and New Zealand for over a decade, delivering tailored solutions.

Comprehensive National Automotive Signage Solutions for Prominent Brands

We’ve provided comprehensive internal and external signage for NISSAN since 2014 and for MG Motor Group since July 2019, encompassing new and existing locations.

NISSAN Signage

Nationally Internal and external signage since 2014.

Chery Signage

Nationally Internal and external signage Since 2023.

MG Motor Group Signage

Nationally new and existing locations including Internal and External signage since July 2019

MG automotive signage

Unparalleled Project Management for Your Automotive Signage Needs

Our experienced team excels in national rollouts, rebrands, and brand launches, delivering both internal and external solutions.

Collaborative Design Process for Exceptional Automotive Signage Results

We work closely with automotive clients to create fit-for-purpose solutions. Our adept design team navigates dealership complexities, ensuring effective branding and messaging.

Diverse Production Expertise in High-Quality Automotive Solutions

Our production team specializes in:

  • Fabricated illuminated 3D LED letters
  • Pylon signs
  • Plinth signs
  • Directional signs
  • Service signs

Innovative Internal Displays to Elevate Your Automotive Brand

Our bespoke internal solutions include:

  • Car display platforms
  • Ceiling lighting solutions
  • Feature vehicle platforms
  • Hero vehicle displays
  • Spec stands
  • Point-of-sale showcases

Dealer-Specific Excellence in Automotive Signage

Tailored Solutions for Dealership Brand Enhancement

We take pride in delivering solutions that enhance your brand identity, incorporating dealer signage and internal elements. Our Nissan Hero car unit is a prime example of our innovative approach. It seamlessly blends cutting-edge signage, immersive lighting, and visionary design to create an immersive experience for the customer.

Bespoke automotive signage solution for Nissan

A Customized Approach for Exceptional Automotive Solutions

Our collaboration with MG involved creating a localized signage suite that reflected their brand identity. Working with their global brand team, we adapted offshore models to shape compliant solutions for everything from temporary banners to enduring installations, capturing MG’s essence. We also seamlessly integrated fabric frames for cohesive displays, including spec stands and merchandise showcases.

MG automotive signage

Introducing Chery Motor: Seamlessly Launch Your Brand

Our partnership with Chery Motor showcases adaptability. Compliant internal and external solutions, including a pioneering fascia clip LED extrusion, ensure a seamless brand launch.

Elevate Your Automotive Brand with Major Media

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