About Us

Major Media came about as a response to the inherent problems within the signage industry and the disjointed nature of the process between client, consultant, designer, project manager, manufacturer and installer. Major Media came forward as a solution to these problems by focusing on the whole process from end to end, under the one roof, and from a client focused position rather than a product or “Moving Boxes” approach. This is why we call ourselves a solutions based company.

We pride ourselves on our success in building relationships, ensuring consistency and finding solutions when it comes to brand identification. We’ve been building for many years and boast a national network of extremely capable resources and some of the longest standing partnerships that exist within our industry.

Our in-house team is incredibly competent, well educated and well informed. Our team has been carefully selected and developed to ensure an abundance of skill and resources in every facet of consultation, project management, design, manufacture and installation. By focusing on knowledge, we find or develop the right product for every application regardless of technology type required.