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We are consultant, designer, specifier, project manager, manufacturer, installer.

Full signage design and specification

Full signage design and specification

In addition to normal supply and install, Major Media has significant experience in design and specification of signage. What this means is that unlike traditional signage procurement channels, engaging Major Media ensures that the client doesn't have to go through multiple suppliers to reach the desired outcome. This creates incredible advantages such as:

  • Design is created with manufacturing in mind. This means that we actually answer two very important questions: "Can the design actually be manufactured?" and "Can we use a cost effective manufacturing process?"
  • A single point of responsibility and ownership.
  • A much faster end to end process
  • Greater flexibility from beginning to end that allows the design process to be more adaptable along the way should a change of direction be required.

Through careful consultation, we work with our clients to understand their needs. Our analysis focuses on:

  • Existing marketing initiatives
  • Intended marketing initiatives
  • The client's product offering
  • Client base and demographic
  • Existing supply channels
  • Existing/planned sales initiatives
  • Volume
  • Budget

Internal and external retail signage

Retail Signage

Many of our clients are large, national retailers. They choose us as their partner because we consistently solve their problems, save them time, save them money, serve their needs and satisfy their brand.

We supply internal and external signage for retail outlets ranging from small specialty stores to large scale bulky goods retailers.

Rollouts and Re-brands


National rollouts require lots of consultation, planning and preparation to execute properly. To facilitate high volume/turnover in a small time frame without failure requires efficient and well managed systems. Our purposely built workflow management software system uses a rollout module customised to facilitate signage rollouts.

Rollouts require resources. One reason why we have managed to prove our capabilities time and time again is in the way we acquire and manage resources. Our resources are placed so that we can significantly increase volume extremely quickly without sacrificing quality, consistency or longevity and importantly, without creating costly overheads or redundancy.

Our function in a rollout encompasses everything our clients may need from consultation, planning, design and artwork, to council approval, to manufacture, installation and final signoff. Information and communication throughout the process is aided with customised reporting created by our internal workflow system.

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Sky Signs

Sky Signs

Sky signs take brands to a whole new level, literally.

A sky sign is not something you can get by calling out the local signmaker you found in the yellow pages. They require intricate planning and a great deal of technical skill. Our services encompasses everything to get the sign in place. This includes design, planning, engineering, council, manufacture, traffic management, installation and maintenance.

Sky Signs Sky Signs Sky Signs Sky Signs Sky Signs

Point Of Sale

Point of Sale

Never underestimate the importance of point of sale signage. It is the moment when your customers actually make the decision to part with their money and you don't want them to have a negative impression of your brand or product at that moment.

Good Point Of Sale signage is a self fulfilling prophecy ie, it leads to a "point of sale". Bad Point Of Sale signage is more like "point of anti sale". Often there is a fine line between the two. Too many suppliers focus on a product rather than a purpose. Often this is because they have specific product capabilities and experiences. It is also much easier to fulfill a product need than to fulfill a purpose needs but unfortunately it is not an industry where one size fits all.

Obtaining Signage and POS items from the one supplier creates obvious efficiencies and consistencies.

Point of Sale Point of Sale Point of Sale Point of Sale Point of Sale Point of Sale

Specialty and High Tech signs

Specialty Signs

LCD's Digital Automation, Specialty Plastics, Digital Signage, 3D Printing, LED Message Displays, LED for Illumination, LED Video Displays, Projection

We can brand anything in just about any way. Our R&D department have accumulated a wealth of techniques, tools, materials, processes and technologies over the years and they continue to develop them everyday. They have accumulated a pool of knowledge and skill that is among the best in the country. Over the years we have developed many techniques in house as a result of clients approaching us with needs that could not be met with existing technologies.

Event Signage

Event Signage

Our project management resources, manufacturing resources and installation resources, as well as our internal workflow system all come together to facilitate time critical event signage. We are especially useful when it comes to repeat events. We will work together with the client to develop a solution that serves their needs and for all subsequent events, they can trust us to ensure the solutions are consistent with little to no time or effort from their side.

Shopping Centre Signage

Shopping Centres

We'll work with you from the very beginning to consult on and design all your centres signage needs. We'll then manufacture and work alongside your builder to Project Manage the installation.

  • Centre and Tenancy Pylons
  • Centre Fascia signage
  • General Tenancy Signage
  • Directional signage
  • Information signage
  • Parking signage including underground parking signage
  • Gantries and Gantry signage
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Our commitment to our partners doesn't end when the signage is installed. We want signage to maintain its quality for as long as possible which is why we offer maintenance packages. This is part of what makes our partnerships so strong because the proper maintenance of signage works out to be much more cost effective in the long run.

To reinforce our belief in the value of Maintenance, we offer free warranty extension with our maintenance packages when they are initiated alongside the original signage delivery.

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